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I believe in one God YAHWEH... The Creator of us all. I believe that the Son OF God, YESHUA, is seating on the right-hand side of the Creator, waiting on to be told to come back and get rid of the deceivers. I will always be against abortion, marriage between two men, and two women.

Marriage is between a Man and a Woman only.

I am against two gay men, and/two gay women adopting a child, and exposing them to that kind of environment.

I believe no one was born that way, but acquire that as they grow up, because of lack of restrictions, guidance, and the ability to understand the gravity of it, especially from the mother's point of view.

I will always be against gay man, gay woman, and transgenders teaching in our schools.

I think Bible study should be a subject just like Mathematics, from kindergarten, all the way to your doctorate degree. It should be the most difficult subject to learn, and the one they would require your 100% knowledge of it, in order to pass to the next grade or to receive your diploma.

I am 100% against Dictatorship, Socialism, Communism, and Tyrannic Government.

There is a huge problem in the world at the moment, and especially in the USA, and that is people have no idea what LIBERTY and LIBERTINY is.

The more you argue with the "authority", the closer you are to the truth...

Richard Andretti
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