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Portable A Free and Fast Web Browser You Can Carry Anywhere

Portable A Free and Fast Web Browser You Can Carry Anywhere

If you are looking for a web browser that is fast, secure and loaded with powerful features, you might want to try Portable This is a free web browser that you can download and run from any location, without installing anything on your computer. Portable has many advantages over other browsers, such as:


  • QuickFill form filler: This feature completes web forms for you automatically and gives you one-click access to your favorite online accounts.

  • Facebook Integration: You can share a page, a picture or a piece of text on any page on Facebook with a single click.

  • Download Manager: This feature makes it easy to track and organize your download jobs.

  • Youtube Video Downloader: You can download any YouTube video to mp4 or other video formats. You can also choose different video quality and resolutions.

  • Ad Blocker: This feature eliminates obtrusive advertisements from web pages. It saves memory and bandwidth!

  • Weather Forecast Information: You can display current weather condition in the status bar of the web browser so that you know what is going on outside all the time.

  • Site group: This feature lets you save a collection of web sites as a group and open all of them at once with a single click.

  • Popup Blocker: This feature kills all annoying popup ads before they have a chance to disturb you.

  • Web page translation: This feature allows you to translate any text within a web page without leaving the page.

  • Quick Search: This feature gives you instant access to popular search engines while also allowing you to create/define your own favorite engine.

Portable is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It is easy to use and customize. You can download it for free from here. Try it today and enjoy a lightweight and secure browsing experience!How to Use Portable

Using Portable is very simple and convenient. You don't need to install anything on your computer. You just need to download the zip file and extract it to a folder of your choice. Then you can run the SlimBoat.exe file from that folder and start browsing the web.

You can also carry Portable on a USB flash drive or any other portable device. This way, you can use it on any computer without leaving any traces behind. You can also keep your bookmarks, settings and preferences with you wherever you go.

To customize Portable, you can access the Options menu from the Tools button on the top right corner of the browser window. There you can change the appearance, behavior and functionality of the browser according to your needs and preferences. You can also add or remove toolbars, buttons and extensions.

To manage your downloads, you can access the Download Manager from the Tools menu or by pressing Ctrl+J. There you can see the progress, status and location of your download jobs. You can also pause, resume or cancel them as you wish.

To download YouTube videos, you can simply play the desired video on YouTube and then click the Download Video button, which Portable conveniently placed next to the YouTube's Upload button. Then you can choose from the list of available formats and start the download process.

To share a page, a picture or a piece of text on Facebook, you can use the Facebook Integration feature from the Tools menu or by pressing Ctrl+F. There you can log in to your Facebook account and choose what you want to share. You can also add a comment or tag your friends.

To translate a web page or a text, you can use the Web Page Translation feature from the Tools menu or by pressing Ctrl+T. There you can select the source and target languages and click Translate. The translation will appear in a new tab.

To search the web, you can use the Quick Search feature from the address bar or by pressing Ctrl+K. There you can type your query and press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon. You can also choose which search engine to use from the drop-down list.

These are just some of the features that Portable offers to make your web browsing easier and more enjoyable. You can explore more features by browsing the Help menu or visiting the official website of Portable here. ad790ac5ba


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