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How to Download Mračajski Proto by Petar Kočić in PDF Format

How to Download MraÄajski Proto by Petar KoÄiÄ in PDF Format

MraÄajski Proto is a short story by Petar KoÄiÄ, a famous Serbian writer and politician from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The story was first published in 1903 in the Zagreb-based newspaper Novi Srbobran, and later in the second book of KoÄiÄ's stories From the Mountain and Under the Mountain, issued in Zagreb in 1904.

mracajski proto petar kocic pdf download

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The story depicts the life and character of MraÄajski Proto, a priest who lives in a remote village in Bosnia during the Ottoman rule. He is a bitter, cruel and mistrustful man who hates everyone, especially his relatives. He has driven away his son and beaten his wife to death. He calls every woman ÄurÄija, a derogatory name that implies something low and dishonorable. He does not trust anyone and refuses to eat, drink or sleep in anyone's house. He has suffered a lot from the Turks who tortured him several times and threatened to kill him. He blames his old enemy Dibo and his family for his misfortunes. He has no servants and does everything by himself. He loves only his horse and his dog.

The story is narrated by Stevica, the son of pop Jova, a young and agile boy who accompanies his friend Marko to visit MraÄajski Proto. Marko is a relative of MraÄajski Proto and wants to see him before he leaves for America. Stevica is afraid of MraÄajski Proto and tells Marko about his wickedness and hatred. They arrive at his house and find him sitting on a log, smoking a pipe. He greets them coldly and asks them what they want. Marko tells him that he is his nephew and that he came to say goodbye before he goes to America. MraÄajski Proto does not show any interest or emotion. He mocks Marko for leaving his homeland and going to a foreign country. He tells him that he will be exploited and enslaved by the Americans. He advises him to stay in Bosnia and fight against the Turks. He says that he does not care about him or anyone else. He only cares about his horse and his dog.

Marko tries to be polite and respectful, but MraÄajski Proto insults him and his father Dibo, whom he calls Dibovina or Dibukarda. He accuses them of being traitors and cowards who collaborated with the Turks and caused his suffering. He says that he will never forgive them or forget their crimes. He tells them to leave him alone and never come back. Marko is hurt and angry by his words. He tells him that he is a miserable old man who has no love or compassion in his heart. He says that he came to see him out of pity and kindness, but he regrets it now. He says that he will never think of him again or mention his name. He says that he is ashamed of being related to him.

Stevica and Marko leave MraÄajski Proto's house and walk away quickly. They feel sorry for him, but also disgusted by his attitude. They wonder how such a man can be a priest and serve God. They hope that they will never see him again.

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