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Where To Buy Beard Balm Locally

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Founded in Austin, Bossman Brands was created by local artist and entrepreneur, beardsman Stephen Condon. Each ingredient in all of our products was individually hand-picked through extensive research to give each drop of oil and every swipe of balm a superior quality not found in most beard products.

Best for medium beards, or as a top layer within larger beards. If control isn't needed, or if you have a large beard where it might be hard to work product throughout, you may want to consider a beard oil as well. Don't forget a gentle clean like our Beard/Shampoo Bar that will make sure you are not stripping out all the healthy oils in your beard.

Directions for best use: Work a small pea-sized amount between your hands and then into your beard, root to tip. Make sure to get that balm down to the skin when it can do its job. Work through your beard with your fingers, comb, or brush as desired. Larger beards may need more balm, so adjust the volume as required. If layering, feel free to apply beard oil root to tip, and beard balm from the outside in.

This lightly fragranced and not-greasy, beard balm made by local maker, Gold + Water makes the perfect gift! Beeswax provides the foundation for this balm, offering a pliable hold. The shea butter softens the hair and skin and promotes a feeling of moisture. The grapeseed oil absorbs quickly into the skin, while the olive oil aids in providing a light sheen. Grown's fragrance is described as sweetly burning smoke, vanilla, and warm spices.

HOW TO USE:Use the back of your thumbnail to scoop a dime-sized portion of beard balm from the puck. Rub between your palms then apply evenly throughout your beard and down to the skin. Use 2-3 times daily to soften and strengthen your beard and manage flyaways.

great scent. great conditioning. a little goes a long way, and the shine this gives your beard is phenomenal. i bought my first slider in 2014 and this balm has only gotten better. one of the best/most unique on the market, hands down. once you warm this up between your hands it applies a lot like beard oil. pairs well with the mint/tea tree beard oils.

Comes out of the tin nice and smooth, not gritty or beady like some other brand balms I've tried. The scent is light and pleasant, complementing any scented beard oil I've tried it with so far. Took me way longer than it should have to realize the lid is a screw top :)

I've been using Cliff Original products for years. In that time, they seemed to have refined the recipe to find the ideal beard balm. This, my friends, is it. It smells great, it tames my rough and thick beard, and it makes me happier to run my hands through it. My beard has never been happier.

All of Bearded Oregon balms are locally infused with ingredients from the cities they are named after. We blend these ingredients with local Oregon beeswax and a blend of natural butters and oils to help soften and shape your beard. All beard balms come in a 2 oz. aluminum screw-top container.

DIRECTIONS:Scrape your thumb backwards to dig out desired amount of balm. Melt down in palms by rubbing together until product is thoroughly melted. Rub hands through beard to distribute product evenly. Enjoy the hold for flyaways and curly beards!

This all natural beard balm will leave his beard soft, conditioned and manageable. Made with Shea butter, Coconut oil, Argan oil and beeswax. Scented with skin safe fragrance oils and it smells clean. This listing is for a 2 oz jar.

Our beard balms are formulated with high quality oils, butters, and essential oils/fragrances. These premium ingredients provide your beard the components needed to hydrate, condition, and strengthen.

Our go-to morning blend. We combine the crisp citrusy aroma of lemongrass with the clean stimulating fragrance of spearmint and the subtle sophistication of freshly ground black pepper to produce a unique scent that is purifying, refreshing, and energizing. Not only is our FRESH beard balm the perfect way to start each day, but you may also find it is good for helping to fight off those wintertime blues.

Just the thing to tame your beard and reset your head after a long day at work and play. Our SPICY beard balm takes the bright aroma of ripe oranges, the deep savory fragrance of cloves, and the effervescence of fresh-cut peppermint to produce a warm embracing scent that has proven popular with our bearded brethren and those they hold close.

The Original, made-in-Texas beard company! The Immaculate Beard Balm is a conditioning and styling balm made with natural beeswax sourced from local apiaries! The beeswax adds a natural light hold to help train your beard growth in the right direction, while keeping it soft, smooth, and smelling AMAZING.

Our oils, balms, butters and waxes are designed with all natural and organic ingredients that leave your glorious face jacket looking, feeling, and smelling great! Plus so much more. We use the best premium oils and butters when hand crafting our products.Our formula acts like a deep conditioner to hydrate hair and skin; get rid of beardruff and make your hair soft. It also gets rid of beard itch, reduces ingrown hairs, repairs split ends, makes your beard look and feel fuller and promotes faster and thicker hair growth!

Simply work a small amount of beard balm into your palms and then evenly distribute it through your beard. You can use it as needed, typically once or twice a day, to keep your beard looking and feeling its best.

Your Kingsmen Premium Beard Balm is a top-rated beard balm that will hold your style and control flyaways while giving your beard deep-conditioning and moisture all day. Relief has finally arrived for dry, brittle beards and itchy, flaky skin.

Our natural beard balm ingredients are carefully selected to provide your face and whiskers with the nourishment they crave. Jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter work flawlessly together to provide the nutrients you need to keep your beard soft and your skin fresh. That little bit of Beeswax in there will help you keep each hair in place while locking in the moisture.

The beeswax in your beard balm is there to grip each whisker and hold it in place, coating it with a protective wax that will also work to make your beard appear more full and healthier. If you work in a dusty or dirty environment or are known to get down into the dirt for various hobbies, your beard balm is going to protect your beard from debris, dirt, and dust.

Baarden is not only proud of the products we create, but also the way in which we create them. We choose to use only the finest, locally sourced ingredients and materials, and in doing so, we not only help our beards feel good, but also our hearts and minds.

This beard balm is made locally in Davis by K&D Kreations. It helps to promote healthy facial skin as well as keeps beards soft and full. Two scents available!Made with a rich combination of Beeswax, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe extract, essential oils and vitamin E.

Peppermint & Pine: A mild and pleasant Peppermint and Pine scent. Not sticky or greasy feeling. Our beard balm absorbs quickly to soften and moisturize your beard and skin while providing a little weight to help style or tame any stray hairs.

Citrus & Cedar: The subtle smell of orange and cedar. Not sticky or greasy feeling. Our beard balm absorbs quickly to soften and moisturize your beard and skin while providing a little weight to help style or tame any stray hairs.

Southern Beard Co.'s beard balm is going to give you a healthy and sturdy beard, with great nourishing benefits as well. Southern Beard Company all organic beard balm has similar properties and benefits to our other all organic beard care products, and it's conveniently packaged together to keep your hair healthy, strong, and manageable.

"And I mean that literally. Never have I had so many compliments on my beard as I have since I've been using Honest Amish beard balm and oil. It has never been softer, or more manageable. And the customer service is above and beyond exemplary. Truly the best beard care company on the market."

PLEASE NOTE: Because we use all natural ingredients like Beeswax, when our Beard Balms are exposed to extreme heat and will melt. Never fear, when cooled the balm works just as before. Since Beard Balm may liquify in transit, use caution when opening. During summer months, consider looking into a local business that might carry our beard balms.

I was clueless about what exactly beard oil and balm were used for, so I chatted with Brad Podrazo, CEO and owner/founder of Oliver Ridge. So essentially, Brad told me, the oil and balm contain nutrients that soften hair, as well as prevent dry skin, acne and irritation under the beard. As a bonus, the stuff smells good too.

Yes, that is correct, you do not want to put beard balm or oil on the moustache prior to waxing. The oils will counteract/repel the wax so that it is not going to have the hold that you want. We recommend dewaxing the stache about once a week and getting some balm or oil on it so it stays hydrated and healthy. Otherwise, be sure to apply the beard balm/oil just to the beard when you plan to wax the stache.

We've scoured the globe to find the best ingredients from reputable suppliers to create what we feel is simply the best beard balm available. That includes sourcing our beeswax locally from beekeepers in our home state of Ohio. In addition to beeswax, our natural beard balm has:

While not strictly a beard growing balm, some of the ingredients we use can create the proper conditions on your skin for stimulating growth. For instance, beeswax is a natural stimulant, and avocado butter helps repair and clear the roots of your facial hair, which allows it to grow fuller. We use these ingredients in our balm for beard growth, as well as the other beneficial properties they bring to the table.

MEAN BEARD balms are available in two hold levels (or "gauges") so you can choose the one that's best suited to your beard and your style. Heavy gauge beard balm offers a stronger hold, so if control is what you're looking for, that's what we'd recommend. 59ce067264


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