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Slendy Tubbies Download Zip Free

Slendy Tubbies Download Zip ->>>

Slendy Tubbies Download Zip Free

How to Download Slendytubbies Games for Free

Slendytubbies is a horror game series that puts a twist on the popular children's show Teletubbies. In this game, you have to survive the attacks of mutated Teletubbies that are out to get you. There are different versions of Slendytubbies available for download, each with its own features and gameplay modes. Here is how you can download Slendytubbies games for free.

Slendytubbies 3

Slendytubbies 3 is the latest and final installment of the Slendytubbies saga. It features a fully written campaign mode that tells the story of how the Teletubbies became infected by a mysterious virus. It also has a multiplayer mode where you can play with or against other players online. You can download Slendytubbies 3 from the official website[^1^] or from CCM[^3^]. The game is compatible with Windows and Android devices.

Slendytubbies Classic

Slendytubbies Classic is the first game of the series that was released in 2012. It is a simple but scary game where you have to collect 10 custards while avoiding the slendy tubby that roams the map. You can play solo or with friends in co-op mode. You can download Slendytubbies Classic from[^2^]. The game is compatible with Windows devices.

Slendytubbies 2D

Slendytubbies 2D is a 2D version of Slendytubbies that was released in 2015. It has more maps, characters, and modes than the original game. You can play as a survivor or as a slendy tubby in versus mode. You can also create your own maps and share them with other players. You can download Slendytubbies 2D from the official website[^1^]. The game is compatible with Windows and Android devices.

Slendytubbies Anniversary Edition

Slendytubbies Anniversary Edition is a remake of Slendytubbies Classic that was released in 2016 to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the series. It has improved graphics, sounds, and gameplay. It also has more maps, characters, and modes than the original game. You can download Slendytubbies Anniversary Edition from[^4^]. The game is compatible with Windows devices.How to Play Slendytubbies Games

Slendytubbies games are easy to play but hard to master. Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive the horror.

Use headphones and turn off the lights for a better immersion.

Keep an eye on your radar and listen to the sounds to locate the custards and the slendy tubbies.

Run away from the slendy tubbies if you see them or hear them. They are faster than you and can kill you in one hit.

Use your flashlight wisely. It can help you see better in the dark, but it can also attract the attention of the slendy tubbies.

Play with friends for more fun and support. You can communicate with them using voice chat or text chat.

Try different modes and maps to challenge yourself and discover new secrets.

Have fun and good luck! 248dff8e21


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