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The Cosmic Conflict - Earth is rotting away

This video reveals the last Generation of the end of time. The 21st century has revealed signs and wonders which hold great prophetic evidence for the last days. Is this world rotting away?  What can you do to ensure you remain safe in these times of great spiritua delusions?Stay tuned f

 A Glimpse of Heavenly Glory

What will Heaven be like? Have you ever dreamed of what Paradise looks like? Do you believe there is hope for humanity? Stay tuned! More is Coming your way! Be sure to subscribe now at:

Homosexuality vs The Bible

This highly controversial subject of Homosexuality is due to continue. Thus far, we have leaned there are spirits which go out to the four corners of the earth to bring the world to prepare the world for the time of Jacob's trouble. We have learned that the world is no different from Sodom & Gomorrah, and the days of Noah. Stay tuned, & subscribe for the continuation of this series.

Breaking! Global Demon Possession!! Part 5

This interesting series is not yet finished. The series continues from Part 5, of Global demon Possession. We are living in the times f the end, and the world is being heavily drawn into a state of Global confusion & spiritual delusion. This video uncovers the chilling connection between Drugs, and demonic possession. You must subscribe now to follow up with this series.

What must I do to be saved ?

The question I have received from time and time again is 'What must I do to ensure my spiritual life is safe & how can I be saved'? Yes, I have made a promise, and yes I plan on keeping the promise. Stay tuned and subscribe now at